applyTo join the Mill, you don’t have to be published. Anyone who needs a quiet space to work on a project is welcome to apply.

We offer two types of membership.

  • Personal Desk: $375/quarter (equivalent to $125/month)
    You share a private office with 2 or 3 other people. You bring in your own desk, office chair and other furniture. You can leave your things and decorate as you’d like.
  • Open Desk: $240/quarter (equivalent to $80/month)
    You have access to the open desk room, which has seven communal desks. After finishing work for the day, you can leave your things in a cubby. We’ll keep the number of open desk members small enough that you will always find an open desk whenever you arrive.

In addition to the quarterly payment, we ask for a one-time start-up fee of $80. All members make a three-month commitment when they join.

Have you taken one of our 6-8 week workshops? We offer a 15 percent discount off the first quarter of membership.

By submitting, I acknowledge the following:

  • I am making a three-month commitment. After I have fulfilled my commitment, I agree to give one month’s notice before leaving.
  • I will pay rent by the first day of each quarter; I will also pay a one-time $80 start-up fee.
  • If this application is approved, I understand the privileges may be cancelled if the rules and regulations of the Writers’ Mill are not followed.
  • I agree not to hold the Writers’ Mill responsible for the loss of or damage to any books, notes, clothing, computers, drafts or other property belonging to me.
Membership Type
Briefly describe your work.
When and how often do think you would use the Mill?
Please list two personal or professional references, including name, relationship, and e-mail or phone number.